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Re: Auto Transport Trailers

Subject: Re: Auto Transport Trailers
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:28:37 -0400
At 01:06 PM 4/12/99 -0400, Art Pfenninger wrote:
>       In the past I have rented large utility trailers, single axle, no
>brakes, to haul both MG's and TR3's. You can get as fancy as you want but
>as long as the trailer will hold the weight why spend the money?

It can be done, but if you going to get a trailer I really suggest that you
get a tandom wheel with electric brakes.  I prefer the brake system that 
is tied to your tow vechile vise the surge brakes.

I used to have a single axle trailer year ago.  I was towing my
MGB home (he blew the clutch - about 100 mi from home).  About 1/2 way home
for no apparent reason - that I could see - it started to wipe.  I was doing
60mph at the time!  Getting worse and worse.  When this happens you CAN'T 
touch the brakes or you're history.  The tow car was a 67 Olds 98 LS.  I 
punched it and at about 90mph finally managed to pull the trailer back
About a year later I was towing a friends VW bug in town on at 45mph road
when it started to wipe again.  There was a traffic light about a 1/2 mi.
in front of me - it was green.  I turned on my headlights, layed on the horn
and nailed it again.  Luckily the light stayed green!  This time I managed
to pull it streight at about 65mph.

No thanks - don't need another single axle no brake car trailer.


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