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Re: Auto Transport Trailers

Subject: Re: Auto Transport Trailers
From: Scott Whitehead <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 23:19:33 -0400
To anyone in Michigan, or in the Michigan/Ohio area
(especially Canada) who is interested in buying a trailer,
please contact me.

Several friends and I are putting together a group buy for
trailers.  16' & 18' trailers, two 3500lb axles, electric
brakes, beaver tail, open center, new wheels and tires,
spare wheel and tire, full lights, and more.  Options
include electric winch, toolbox, colors, and more.  Prices
start about $1400 USD after taxes.  No tariffs at the border
with a bill of sale.

The order is being placed on Friday, when exact prices will
be available.  Reply before then if interested.  Pictures
available on the web at
(Price listed is Canadian $$$).

Scott Whitehead
1988 Black Race-Prepped GT  "For Play"
1998 Black F-150 Flareside STX  "For Work"

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