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RE: Running air tools

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Subject: RE: Running air tools
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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 10:58:42 -0700
The regulator would be useful for more than the tools. I find myself
adjusting the pressure to fit whatever I'm blowing off with the air.
Sometimes a delicate item wants 30-40 psi, while blasto-cleaning a part
takes whatever my compressor can give.

So, if the ceiling reel will be plumbed from the compressor a ways, you
could put one of those recommended water trap loops on the wall near the
reel, with the regulator on the leg going back up to the ceiling and the

Ken Landaiche

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Okay folks got my 60 gal 2 stage 5 HP compressor hooked up and My sweet
wife bought me a  retractable reel type hose unit for the ceiling. 
 ( Happiness is being married to a women who loves tools )
While thinking about installing the reel a couple of questions came up.
1. When using air tools do you use a regulator ? With my old 2 HP unit it
didn't  matter much since they didn't work either way .
2.  If so where would you mount the regulator ?  (Not on the ceiling I
3. Generally what pressure do you run air tools at ?
Bob Nogueira 

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