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Re: Shop Lights

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Subject: Re: Shop Lights
From: "Con P. Seitl" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:17:38 -0800
Richard Beels wrote:
>    What temperature are the bulbs operating at?  I have the el-cheapo lights,
> 8 of them in my garage.  When it's cold, they're dimmer and flicker a
> little.  When the heater gets going and the (top of the) garage is warmed,
> they get brighter.  Not as bright as the $30 lights with reflectors but I'd
> say maybe 2/3s of the light for 1/3 the cost (that's why there are 8).  As
> for bulbs, I use Sylvania fast-start 40 watters.  In the last year, I've
> replaced 2 or 3 and one more is going south on me now but I keep forgetting
> to bring another tube out to the garage....
>    Also, I have a stack of reflectors that my father-in-law scarfed from a
> commerical remodeling site when they changed the lighting.  Might be worth
> checking out a scrap dealer or commerical remodelers...
> Cheers!
>    >>  What are the appropriate tubes to use in the generic shop lights?
>    >>  I'm talking about the fixtures that you see stacked at the end of the
>    >>  aisle at Wal-Mart for $7.97.  I have tried using the 25 watt "for
>    >>  residential and shop lights" tubes but I find they only last a few
>    >>  months.  I also have tried the F40CW tubes with about the same results.
>    >>  It is as though the cheap ballast they use in those lamps needs a
>    >>  certain type of tube.  I seem to remember some discussion on this some
>    >>  time ago, but don't remember the conclusions.

My lights are dim and flicker when cold, and also get bighter when warmed 
up. An old sage once said that if you install incandesent lights in close 
proximity to the floresent lights, the heat will help generated will help 
stabilize the floresent faster, also give you light while your waiting. I 
plan to install a series of about a dozen before my ceilings are finally 
drywalled, and also have them wired with their own switch as well, 
allowing me to chose my own light.

Cheers,  Con......

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