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Shop Lights

Subject: Shop Lights
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 09:34:56 -0500
   What temperature are the bulbs operating at?  I have the el-cheapo lights, 
8 of them in my garage.  When it's cold, they're dimmer and flicker a 
little.  When the heater gets going and the (top of the) garage is warmed, 
they get brighter.  Not as bright as the $30 lights with reflectors but I'd 
say maybe 2/3s of the light for 1/3 the cost (that's why there are 8).  As 
for bulbs, I use Sylvania fast-start 40 watters.  In the last year, I've 
replaced 2 or 3 and one more is going south on me now but I keep forgetting 
to bring another tube out to the garage....

   Also, I have a stack of reflectors that my father-in-law scarfed from a 
commerical remodeling site when they changed the lighting.  Might be worth 
checking out a scrap dealer or commerical remodelers...


   >>  What are the appropriate tubes to use in the generic shop lights?
   >>  I'm talking about the fixtures that you see stacked at the end of the
   >>  aisle at Wal-Mart for $7.97.  I have tried using the 25 watt "for
   >>  residential and shop lights" tubes but I find they only last a few
   >>  months.  I also have tried the F40CW tubes with about the same results.
   >>  It is as though the cheap ballast they use in those lamps needs a
   >>  certain type of tube.  I seem to remember some discussion on this some
   >>  time ago, but don't remember the conclusions.

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