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RE: speed control

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Subject: RE: speed control
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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 09:10:43 -0800
FWIW, the DAF Daffodil used 2 belts, one for each rear axle. They used a
variable pulley system to control the drive ratio. It was called the
"Variomatic". Very smooth and  very slow. The DAF had only 600 and 750cc
sedans. They were powered by a air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine.
The transmission was described as a continuously variable transmission.
Reverse was handled by a dog clutch in the primary gear case. Volvo
wound up taking over production and the DAF became the Volvo 66.

There is a Volvo web page that explains the mechanism in more detail.
The URL is . 

I actually worked on three or four of these cars back in the '60s. They
were interesting technically but they didn't have any personality. 

Best regards,
A.J. (Jim) Seippel

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>       Look for an old Dutch car called the DAF that used this variable pulley 
>its drive train instead of a gearbox!
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>>-> Are you familiar with the variable pulley like used on ShopSmith
>>-> machines? The front panel knob moves the pully sides apart and
>>-> together, changing speed. Perhaps you can find a used head or just
>>-> order a pully.
>> That's a possibility if I can't go the motor route.
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