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Re: Painting a house in a hurry

To: "Bill Gilroy" <>
Subject: Re: Painting a house in a hurry
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 14:03:01 -0500
A ladder is fine - I did my house with one - even the dormer - and my ladder
wasn't even actually tall enough.  My spray shield has a long handle, so a
foot or two too short worked out OK for me.

As far as using your compressor, it's fine, but you do need a good pressure
feed set-up.  Air atomization would probably require you to thin the paint a
little too much.  Even the cheaper (lower-pressure) airless units need some
thinning.  That's the advantage of the pro models -- Wagner, etc. are
homeowner types, and just don't pump high enough pressures or deliver the
volume to do a really good, fast job.  A good pressure pot and pressure-feed
nozzle/needle setup is preferable and can give you good delivery with control.
You should be able to rent either a 2-gallon pressure tank that stays on the
ground and uses a long fluid hose, or a hand-held 1/2 gallon pressure pot you
carry in your non-gun hand.  That latter type of rig is pretty versatile and
for a small house doesn't take that much refilling.  you need to move the
ladder fairly often anyway.


  On 10/3/05, Karl Vacek <> wrote:

    Are rental places actually renting airless units nowadays?

  The unit does not need to be airless; I have an air compressor and can use
that to drive whatever I rent or buy. I guess I am looking for speed and ease
of use.  Since I don't have a scaffold, I will need to do the peak from a
ladder.  That is easy using a brush, but I wonder if that is impossible to do
using a sprayer?

  Bill Gilroy

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