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Re: Painting a house in a hurry

To: "Bill Gilroy" <>
Subject: Re: Painting a house in a hurry
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 13:00:49 -0500
I can't vouch for what you can rent, but spraying is definitely fast and can
be neat and clean if you try.

To mask roughly, get a spray shield - looks sort of like a huge taping
knife - mine is about 36" wide.  Tape edges as needed and use the shield
against the tape to mask off the rest of the area rather than messing with
papering.  If you brush the trim, you can just use the spray shield and let
a little body color lap onto the trim and then cut the edges when painting
the trim with a brush - no tape required.

Airless units can be controlled to a far smaller pattern than you need - you
can easily handle a 12" to 18" fan spray when painting off a scaffold or
even a ladder.  Sure makes short work of texture.

Are rental places actually renting airless units nowadays?  When airless was
relatively new I used to carry a medical alert card to tell a doctor about
airless injection if I was ever hurt - the hydraulic pressures of airless
can readily inject paint into the skin and "inflate" a body part with paint.

That said, it's a nice way to paint, and usually there is no thinning
required.  OTOH, you can paint with an air atomization gun as well.  Most
common is to use an internal mix nozzle set-up fed by a pressure pot,
requiring minimal thinning of paint almost like airless.

Years ago I painted my 1,200 SF aluminum-sided bungalow in 3 evenings after
work (plus trim), using a pressure-fed gun because it was too small a job to
bother with the clean-up of my airless unit.  I washed the siding the first
night with trisodium phosphate.  The second night I applied a special primer
(an XIM product), and the third night I applied the topcoat (Glidden
Gel-Flo) to the body and then sprayed most of the trim too.  Later I brushed
the rest of the trim.

That was 1977.  We've watched the house over the years (we moved in 1989)
and as of a few months ago, the house was finally beginning to need paint
because the paint has worn thin from weather.  No peeling at all.

Good luck !

Bill Gilroy wrote:

> I was wonder has anyone rented a power paint sprayer that can handle an
> exterior latex? How tight of a pattern can I get. What about over spray?
> Should I just suck it up and use a brush. Speed is my main concern, but it
> can't look like crap since I have to sell the place. Any advice would be
> appreciated.

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