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Re: and now, computer questions...

Subject: Re: and now, computer questions...
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 01:46:27 -0400
my advice is to get a refurb dell from their website.  cheaper and an 
as-new warranty.  AND get a fr*ggen UPS.  Get one with dataline 
protection for the phone and network.  And cable too I guess.  If the 
cable modems are yours, then definitely protect that too.  APC has 
lightning protection coverage.  And on their surge suppressors as 
well - which have phone, dataport and cable protection too.  My house 
was hit by lightning three weeks ago and it took out a dozen light 
bulbs in the house (so far), an outside yard light (melted and fused 
the innards!), one cable convertor box and - since I was outside on 
the porch when the bolt hit - it rang my bell as well...  But the 
home network just kept chugging along...

At 07-03-2005 at 14:09, Shakespearean monkeys danced on's keyboard and said:

>so I'm up in the attic running the cat-5 yesterday and I hear 
>thunder.  we've lost three cable modems already and a slew of vcrs, 
>etc. so I get down as quick as I can and race towards the 
>computer.  as I'm running through the living room a shotgun goes off 
>out the back door and *sparks* (I kid you not) shoot from the vcr in 
>the living room.  I make it to the computer room to find the 
>computer dead and the lights in that room off.
>long story short, the vcr is toast, the cable modem probably is too, 
>and the computer won't power on.  the shotgun sound was the 
>telephone network interface box on the back of the house exploding 
>and shooting off the siding into the back yard.  for some reason the 
>coax cable goes in there, too.  the phones are all dead, and the two 
>things hooked to the cable are too (vcr, modem/computer).  the modem 
>*may* not be dead, since the cable service seems to be out as well 
>(the cable t.v. box will not receive a signal) and I can't get turn 
>on the computer to verify it anyway.  but I'll assume it's gone.  I 
>figure the surge went through the coax into the modem, and then into 
>the computer and/or the surge protector it's attached to.  then it 
>popped the breaker on that room (that's why the lights were 
>out).  that's the only breaker that popped.
>so I'm pretty convinced now that the coax was the problem all along, 
>and maybe not the utility line.
>but the computer was my question.  I guess if I'm lucky, it was just 
>the power supply that was fried and I can swap it.  but to tell the 
>truth, I was looking to upgrade anyway, so I wouldn't be crushed it 
>I could put in a faster processor.  but...that was talking over my 
>head as I have no idea how to accomplish that.  I looked at the 
>component parts at comp usa yesterday, and I figure if I can 
>assemble an engine, I can put together a computer, but is it crazy 
>to even think about it?  should I just toss it and buy new?  I'd 
>like to end up with two anyhow, so fixing the old one is preferrable 
>even if I have to buy a new one in the interim.
>my biggest question is how can/do I test the components?  I have a 
>voltmeter, but it's the standard home/auto kind.  is there a way to 
>tell what's toast without just swapping in new parts?  I'd like to 
>at least have a go at it before I pay comp usa $99 just to diagnose 
>the problem.  or am I a moron to even consider it, and these are 
>very delicate parts not to be fooled with by mere mortals?
>thanks in advance...I'm kinda weirded out with no 'net access at home...


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