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Re: and now, computer questions...

To: Richard Beels <>
Subject: Re: and now, computer questions...
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 09:22:10 -0400
As a guy in the computer biz...

Stay away from Dell.  They no longer support machine like they used to. If 
you have a problem, good luck getting it fixed.  I (an all my clients) 
will never use Dell's again.

If you want cheap machines, go with "E-Machines."  They can be bought at 
Wally World. (Walmart).  They have pretty good support and are dirt cheap.


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07/08/2005 01:46
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my advice is to get a refurb dell from their website.  cheaper and an 
as-new warranty.  AND get a fr*ggen UPS.  Get one with dataline 
protection for the phone and network.  And cable too I guess.  If the 
cable modems are yours, then definitely protect that too.  APC has 
lightning protection coverage.  And on their surge suppressors as 
well - which have phone, dataport and cable protection too.  My house 
was hit by lightning three weeks ago and it took out a dozen light 
bulbs in the house (so far), an outside yard light (melted and fused 
the innards!), one cable convertor box and - since I was outside on 
the porch when the bolt hit - it rang my bell as well...  But the 
home network just kept chugging along...

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