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RE: welding and grinding sheetmetal

To: John Nelson <>
Subject: RE: welding and grinding sheetmetal
From: Mark Miller <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 09:22:08 -0800

From:   Michael Sloane[]
Sent:   Saturday, January 25, 1997 11:22 AM
To:     John Nelson
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Subject:        Re: welding and grinding sheetmetal

John Nelson wrote:
> --
> John Nelson
> 1964 A-H Sprite MK III
> "The nice thing about a British car is,
>  you don't need them, they need YOU."

I get a little chuckle out of the sig above. Way back in the mid-60's, I
ran a "foreign car" repair shop, and those British cars that you guys
enjoy "restoring" were my bread and butter. Here is a hint: They weren't
much better when they were new.
You've reminded me of driving home a new MG Midget, having the tranny seize 
up two days later and having the dealer tell me that the factory forgot to 
fill it with oil when it was assembled.  And they didn't sound at all 
surprised.  Oops.

And of teaching my SO how to drive a stick in the same car a few months 
later.  She did well for 10 minutes or so then just started screwing up 
completely - wouldn't put the clutch in before shifting into first, etc. 
 When we were almost ready to call everything off, we changed places and I 
found out that the clutch hydraulics had failed.  Oops again.

Mark Miller
now with a 69 Datsun Fairlady 2000.  Much more reliable, downright dull 
that way.

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