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Re: Finish questions

To: Jeff Fayne <>
Subject: Re: Finish questions
From: "Jack L. Poller" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 06:59:43 -0800
Jeff Fayne wrote:
> I've been bead blasting and painting various engine ancillaries during
> my MGB engine rebuild and engine compartment restoration and have
> come to some pieces that I'm not sure how I should finish.
> The first is the carb heat shield, I know it should be silver, but
> should I just bead blast it and leave it unfinished (and destined to
> rust) or should I paint it silver? Type of paint recommendation?
> The other item is the brake and clutch hydralic lines. The lines are
> currently removed from the car and seeing that there is nothing
> physically wrong with them, I'm planning on just bead blasting them and
> refinishing them somehow. False economy? Any recommendations here?
>                 Thanks,
>                         Jeff
If you've already got the plumbing removed from the car, 
you'd be *much* better off replacing rather than repainting.

Who wants to drive on 20 year old british tubing, which could
crack at any moment???

A 20 foot roll (which should be enough to do an MGB) of 3/16 inch
bundyweld brake tube goes for about $20.  If you're a real 
stickler for having leak-free plumbing, invest $100 in an AN-Flare
tool and another $100 in AN adapters, and you'll have the best 
clutch and brake lines in the world.

Jack L. Poller             (408) 752-9176        

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