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Re: welding and grinding sheetmetal

To: Brendan Cawley <>,
Subject: Re: welding and grinding sheetmetal
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 18:48:53 -0500
At 08:58 AM 1/25/97 +0000, Brendan Cawley wrote:
>David F. Darby wrote:
> I was afraid that the wire brush method as you ysed may be too
> severe on the metal. ie will it score the metal? Will it be smooth
> enough for re-painting? What was your experience?


  No, it does an excellent job on prepairing metal.  I've even put
a sanding disk on mine and attacked some metal with about 80 grit
sanding disks.  If you keep the grinder moving, it will not dig
into the metal.  

 After I'm finished with wirebrushing a piece of metal, I coat it with
a metal conditioner that contains fosphoric acid to kill any remaining
rust and etch the metal for the primer. 

  I've never had a problem with steel.  On Aluminumn, you have to
be very careful as it will eat it up.  But again, if you watch
what you are doing, you can do wonders cleaning Al. with them also.


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