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Re: welding and grinding sheetmetal

To: dfdarby@JUNO.COM (David F. Darby),
Subject: Re: welding and grinding sheetmetal
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 18:48:50 -0500
At 12:18 AM 1/25/97 PST, David F. Darby wrote:

> I picked up the DeWalt 4.5" HD angle grinder and a knotted wire cup
> brush. I have seen the light! It fairly evaporates old paint,
> undercoating, rust, and just about anything else that gets in the 
> way.
>I'm a bit of a safety nut, and I would recommend donning goggles,
>half-mask air-purifying respirator, and hearing protectors when
>operating the thing. At the very least, one should use safety glasses
>and an approved toxic-particle mask. You will be kicking up a lot of
>fine material that might not be so fine for the lungs.

I couldn't agree more strongly with David.  However, he did forget
one piece of safety equipment that you should have every time you
use one of these grinders.  HEAVY LEATHER GLOVES.  Both my father
and myself have some very nice scars where the grinder has slipped
and just grazed our hands.  As David says "It fairly evaporates 
....  and just about anything else that gets in the way." including
skin or body parts.

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