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RE: welding and grinding sheetmetal

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Subject: RE: welding and grinding sheetmetal
From: (Gorman, George)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 13:08 EST
Mark Miller wrote:
You've reminded me of driving home a new MG Midget, having the tranny seize 
up two days later and having the dealer tell me that the factory forgot to 
fill it with oil when it was assembled.  And they didn't sound at all 
surprised.  Oops.
Just so we don't let Triumphs off the hook either, I'm reminded of my college 
roommate's Triumph GT6 (back in the 70s).  Car always whined when in gear; the 
dealer said the whine was normal.  We believed him until the day my roommate 
went to downshift into second and the shift lever just kept moving.  Seems the 
whine we heard was the shift fork riding against the gearset, and after about 
2500 miles the gears ground their way right through the fork.  Or about the 
time the rear axle inner u-joint seized up (unlubricated at the factory)....but 
that's another story.
George Gorman 
"People - can't live with 'em, can't trade 'em in for parts"

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