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Re: Bleeder Valves

To: "Gorman, George" <>
Subject: Re: Bleeder Valves
From: Paul Hammarstedt <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 21:59:40 -0600
Gorman, George wrote:
> Does anyone have a nifty (i.e., easy) way to modify an air compressor tank to
> make the water drain valve more accessible?  My 60 gal vertical air tank has
> the drain at the bottom (of course), but even though I have the tank sitting 
> 6X6's to give me some room, it's still a pain to crawl under and drain the
> water from the tank.  Only solution I can come up with is to remove the 
> drain, replace it with an elbow and piece of pipe going off to the side of the
> tank, and reinstalling the drain on the end of the new line.  Any better ideas
> out there?
> George Gorman
> People: can't live with 'em, can't trade 'em for parts

That's what I did George.  Except I used copper tubing and bought a new
valve.  I works well.

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