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Grinders vs Buffers

Subject: Grinders vs Buffers
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 02:22:54 -0500
 Oh boy my first post to this list . . .

Okay I'll go ahead and ask a real stupid question. .

I've used both those big buffers and the big bench grinders. . . .

my question is . . why can't I put a buffing wheel on a bench grinder?
  (maybe I can . . but I've never seen anyone else do it)

Sure I know that the big buffers have long spindles on them and allow you
better access to rotate a part around the wheel. . . but what are the other
differences?  (other than buffers start up nearly full speed and grinders
take a couple of seconds to get going?)

Thanks for listening to my stuid question.

Scott Tilton

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