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fuel injection cleaning kit

Subject: fuel injection cleaning kit
From: mbarre@JUNO.COM (Matt Barre)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 09:08:56 PST
I am thinking about buying or making a fuel injector cleaning kit of the
type that you run the car off of a pressurized can of cleaner/fuel.  I
think 3M makes the cleaner cans.  I want the capability to work with
various cars as I have Ford, Chevy, and some imports.  Does anyone know
of a source or parts list for such a contraption?

It seems it would take a suitable pressure gauge, regulator, some hose,
and various fittings/adaptors.

My NAPA catalog has a kit but it seems inordinately expensive because I
think it also has some other functions I don't need.

TIA, Matt Barre

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