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Re: Bleeder Valves

Subject: Re: Bleeder Valves
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 20:29:18 -0500
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 Does anyone have a nifty (i.e., easy) way to modify an air compressor tank
 make the water drain valve more accessible?  My 60 gal vertical air tank has

 the drain at the bottom (of course), but even though I have the tank sitting
 6X6's to give me some room, it's still a pain to crawl under and drain the 
 water from the tank.  Only solution I can come up with is to remove the
 drain, replace it with an elbow and piece of pipe going off to the side of
 tank, and reinstalling the drain on the end of the new line.  Any better
 out there?

Most any well stocked air tool/compressor sales place will have a foot
operated valve. This unit screws into the hole where your current drain is,
and has a long "pedal" attached to it so that when you push down on the
pedal, the new vavle will open as long as you are pushing down on the pedal.
These valves come in different sizes and lengths, so you can get one to fit
your application.
I also run a small hose from the valve to a catch container placed wherever
is easy to reach. This way you don't get water all over everything, or break
your back gettin down behind the darn compressor.

Blowin more hot air myself...
      Nick in Nor Cal

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