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Bleeder Valves

Subject: Bleeder Valves
From: (Gorman, George)
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 11:28 EST
Does anyone have a nifty (i.e., easy) way to modify an air compressor tank to 
make the water drain valve more accessible?  My 60 gal vertical air tank has 
the drain at the bottom (of course), but even though I have the tank sitting on 
6X6's to give me some room, it's still a pain to crawl under and drain the 
water from the tank.  Only solution I can come up with is to remove the current 
drain, replace it with an elbow and piece of pipe going off to the side of the 
tank, and reinstalling the drain on the end of the new line.  Any better ideas 
out there?

George Gorman

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