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Re: Welder

Subject: Re: Welder
From: Brian Kelley <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 10:44:51 EDT
I have one of the larger 110V Daytona MIG units (25 amps at the
socket).  I've really been impressed at how well the unit has worked
and held up.  I've put at least 20 lbs of wire through it with no
problems.  It was about $500, delivered, with tank, etc.

You do have to keep these units "tuned".  By that I mean clean and
generally in good working order.  If you ever find your wire feed
has to be turned up higher than normal, something is probably
dirty or slightly out of whack.

The unit doesn't have as much power as I would like.  If the weld is
critical, I'll always pre-heat.  That also does a lot to improve
the initial penetration in the otherwise cold metal.  Also, I pre-heat
on anything 3/16" or thicker.

I've been very pleased with the unit.  My next welder with be TIG,
but the MIG is great for the portability.


Not spattering for Ford.

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