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Re: Welder

Subject: Re: Welder
From: (Pat Willems (@chong))
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 96 07:15:03 CDT
I bought the Century MIG welder.  Runs off 115v, has four heat settings
and continuous adjustment on the wire speed, Tweeco torch and cost a
little over $300 at Sam's Warehouse (a buyer's club).  I weld sheet
metal on my Spitfire at the lowest heat setting and the welder will run
continuously at this setting.  The welder works really well although
sometimes the weldor (yours truly) does not.  You can use the flux core
wire but I prefer using gas.  Getting refills on the gas bottle takes
all of 15 minutes to drive to the local welding supply (except on
Sundays).  If you want, I can forward to you all of the recommendations
that I received when I asked this question about a year ago.

Good Luck, 
'72 Spitfire Mk IV (in pieces)

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