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To:, Martin Libhart <>
Subject: Re: Welder
From: "John Loftin" <>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 96 08:28:10 EST
     Do yourself a favor.  Go ahead and get a MIG.  For under $500, there 
     are several nice home MIG welders on the market.  You will appreciate 
     the superior weld quality of the MIG.  Besides, how much money are you 
     going to spend on your frame-off?  Why save a few dollars on a piece 
     of equipment that will last a lifetime?
     I have never used a "Mini-Mite" welder, but as a Welding Engineer I 
     know the ease of use and weld strength of the MIG will be much better 
     than an arc weld.  Get a MIG that uses a shield gas (argon, CO2).  I 
     have seen welds made by flux covered wire.  There is a night & day 
     difference between flux covered and gas-shielded welds.  Yes, the gas 
     bottle can be a hassle but you get what you pay for.  For home 
     welding, dollar-for-dollar, you can't beat a gas-shielded MIG weld.

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Subject: Welder
Author:  Martin Libhart <> at smtp
Date:    10/1/96 08:06 PM

I am in the process of deciding which small welding unit to purchase 
for minor welding work during my frame-off restoration.  Anticipate 
mainly body sheet metal work, with an occasional frame patch & repair.
Has anyone used the "Mini-Mite" welder available from Eastwood's (and 
others)?  It's a small 115v. arc welder that also has a stitch welder 
attachment for doing light gage sheetmetal work.  Or, what's your 
experience with the small gas-less wire feed units (MIG-type)?
The bottom line is:  I want to do most of the welding myself, I need 
the ability to do light gage material, and I don't want to spend over 
Any help out there?
Martin Libhart
Wichita, KS
1970 Spitfire-In-Progress

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