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Re: TD Front Brake Problems

Subject: Re: TD Front Brake Problems
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 10:15:14 -0400
   Good on you for mentioning this grease fitting. It's not shown in the
driver's handbook. 
   If the grease in the pedal shaft has solidified over the years, there
is something one can do that  .....may .....  help.  That's to unscrew
the zerk nipple, dig out with a bent-over wire as much grease as
possible, reinstall the zerk fitting, then use one of those metal
syringes that force oil into a zerk nipple.  
  These tools were once common in auto parts stores, though they may be
scarce in these days of  "lubed for life" fittings.  Very handy for those
who collect old machinery.  
   One hopes that fresh motor oil will soften the hard  grease enough so
that fresh grease pushed in behind the oil will force the old grease
through and get fresh oil & grease to the bushings.  Pedal shaft R&R is
not at the top of my Fun To Do activities list. 

On Sat, 9 Sep 2006 17:35:54 -0500 "Bob Donahue" <>
> Aside  from the return spring, make sure the pedal bearing for both 
> the  brake and clutch are well lubed. When I got my TD the old grease
> so  thick and sticky, that it actually inhibited the return of both 
> pedals. 
> Pumping in new grease didn't help until I cleaned out the old 
> grease. Note that there is an often missed grease zirk just for pedal 
> lubrication.
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