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1954 MGTF 1500 RHD Value

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Subject: 1954 MGTF 1500 RHD Value
From: "Kevin and Deana Brown" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 11:34:25 -0500

After much thought I am thinking of selling my 1954 MGTF 1500.  I realized
last weekend I had only driven it twice in the last six years and I have too
many other interests going on right now (autocrossing every other weekend, a
couple of MGB V8s to finish and putting my 70 MGB back together that has been
in pieces for 10 years) plus my oldest of three daughters will be starting
college next year.  So I am considering selling the car and wondered what it
would be worth since it is fairly unique and is a low mileage car that is in
extremely good unrestored condition.

What makes the car unusual is that it is a right hand drive TF 1500 export
model.  This is verified by the car number which is HDP268299.  The "2"
following the "P" indicates that it is Export RHD model.  According to
Clausager's Original MG T Series book, they only made 19 Export RHD models in
1954 which makes it the rarest of any T series model.  The car number on the
id plate matches the number stamped on the frame rail and the engine number on
the id plate matches the number on the side of the engine.  I also have the
BMHT certificate that verifies all of this.  The car has been repainted at
some point in time and the interior was redone.  It was originally Ivory with
a red interior and is now green with a black interior, other than that it is
extremely original.  The odometer on the car just turned over 69,000 when I
was driving it this past Monday.  I have no reason to doubt that this is the
actual mileage since it was in dry storage for at least 20 years before I
bought it.  The paint looks good from 10 feet away, there are some scratches
and nicks.  You can still see the original paint in the engine compartment and
under the fenders and you can even see some of the original overspray under
the car on the frame rails and body mounts.  Here is a link to some pictures
of the car:

Other than specks of surface rust underneath there is no rust at all, even on
the edges of the sheet metal where it is nailed to the wood under the sides of
the body - which amazes me.  I think all of the chrome was covered with a
clear lacquer at some point in time, some of it still remains and it has
turned a gold tint over time, bead blasting or polishing with fine steel wool
should remove it.  Two brand new bumpers and overiders were included with the
car (still in the original Moss Motors box from 1972), I've put the front one
on but the back one is still in the box.  All of the instruments are in great
shape and work except the clock is missing.  The windshield is in good shape
as well as the side frames.  Even the original engine crank was in its

The car drives very well and has plenty of power to easily maintain 55 to 65
mph.  I haven't had to adjust the timing, valves or carbs at all but it runs

How much do you think it might be worth?  I am thinking around $16,000.  Its
not restored but is basically a very original low mileage unique model.


Kevin Brown
Odessa, MO

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