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TD Rear Axle Grease Fitting, Testing Brake Light Switch

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Subject: TD Rear Axle Grease Fitting, Testing Brake Light Switch
From: "Bill Snyder" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:29:21 -0400
Hello List.
On the bottom of rear TD Axles at the end nearest the wheels are Small
bolts entering the axle at about a 45 degree angle. Are these made to
install grease fittings or as a place to grease the wheel bearings? If
not, what is their purpose?
Secondly, I have not yet solved my problem with my brake lights staying
on all the time. I have a second used switch. Is there a way to test the
switch before installing?
Update on my front brake problems:
I fitted the brake pedal with a return spring (from a spare pedal box).
What a PITA! This seems to have helped the return of the front wheel
cylinders considerably, but I don't know if the problem is solved until
I get her back on the road. 
Whilst messing with the pedal box, I took the 2 bolts loose from the
master cylinder and slid the MC as far posteriorly as possible without
disconnecting fluid lines (appox 1/4"). This still did not result in the
brake lights going off nor did it change the apparent return speed of
the front cylinders. Doesn't this tend to rule out a master cylinder
plunger that is too long and not allowing full return?
I plan to order new brake hoses since I am not sure of the age of mine.
Does anyone know of any problems using the aftermarket vs the OEM
versions? I put the braided steel type with hard plastic liners on my
MGB and like them very much. Has anyone seen any of these made for TD's?
In response to a couple of suggestions, I took the pedal box completely
apart at the time of resto to make sure that no residue of grease was
slowing pedal motion, and I regreased using the fitting on the outside
if the frame member.
Thanks again to the list for your invaluable advice. After my 20 minute
maiden excursion in "Maggie" 10 days ago, I received calls and inquiries
from 4 people who saw me in the car and want to know more!.......and I
live out in the country!
Bill Snyder
Waynesville, NC
'53 TD

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