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RE: Problem bolts-nuts

To: "'MG T list'" <>
Subject: RE: Problem bolts-nuts
From: "James Fischer" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 04:03:04 -0400
I can verify that "PB Blaster" works where
various penetrating oils (liquid wrench, et al)
do not in helping one remove rusted bolts.

WD-40 is not really going to help with rusted
bolts and nuts, as it is not a penetrating oil
at all - it is indended to remove moisture and
lubricate parts that are not (yet) rusted.

But 50+ year-old parts often require the application
of an angle grinder from the rental yard.


>    We are encountering dificulty removing some of the
> bolts fastening the body together.  My son got a "nut
> cracker" but this isn't doing the job.  At this time I
> am considering a grinding wheel driven by a drill
> moter but wonder what  the list members recommend.
> Yes we have tried a catering size can of wd40.  Any
> sugestions will be given full consideration.

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