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Re: Frame and suspension part painting

Subject: Re: Frame and suspension part painting
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:19:16 EST
Hello all...   when I did my frame up restoration of my 53 TD, I had the 
chassis bead blasted.  I then primed it and painted it with plain old 
black Rustoleum using a compressor and spray gun.  It has held up perfectly 
for ten years.  We put about 2000 miles a year on the car, and have seen no 
deterioration.  Next time, however, I might consider powder coating it instead. 
Several people have recommended that approach.  But, as I said, Kmart variety 
Rustoleum did just fine, and the car has won several 1st and 2nd prizes in 
shows.  Good luck
Craig Carragan
Southbury, CT USA

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