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RE: Frame and suspension part painting

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Subject: RE: Frame and suspension part painting
From: "James Fischer" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 14:02:50 -0500
> Do any of you have recommendation about the best paints for
> frame and suspension parts?

For such applications, one cannot do much better than to use,
strictly following instructions, "Marine Clean", "Metal Ready",
and "POR" rust inhibiting paint, as described here:

POR is good stuff.  I've never heard anyone say anything
bad about it, even in cases where the components were badly rusted
to start, and I myself have used it on boat parts. I've yet to need
it for our MGs, but time will force me to do so at some point.  POR
is considered by many people to be superior to even the Zinc Oxide
paints used by the Navy.

> Can the same material be used to paint the suspension parts?

Yes, but mechanical mating parts would tend to wear/abrade, and
this may dictate periodic "touch ups" of the coating.

> I assume that it would be a good idea to paint the suspension
> parts before installing new seals and bushings(?).

Don't know - I've never painted a surface intended to come
in contact with a seal or a bushing due to concerns about getting
a proper "seal".

> Does anyone have strong feelings about regular bushings vs.
> polyurethane?

This sounds like a question for the Moss Motors "answer men", who
can expound upon the relative merits in the specific case of an MG

In my view, high-tech polymers are your friend.  ("Better living
through chemistry", as they said in the commercials.)  If poly
bushings are OK for the suspension of a 3800 lb Volvo wagon,
they are certainly not facing much challenge in a 2000 lb MG TD.

...but I'd check with someone who sells both types of bushings before
I made a decision.  Send an e-mail to moss at
They have been quite frank about the implications of decisions concerning
"modern" versus "authentic" components with me.


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