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Frame and suspension part painting

Subject: Frame and suspension part painting
From: William T Snyder <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 10:23:59 -0500
Hello list. I am starting my '53 TD restoration from the ground up. First
preparation of that frame and refurbishing the front and rear suspension.
Do any of you have recommendation about the best paints for frame and
suspension parts? I have an un molested and relatively rust free chassis,
and want to keep it that way. Can the same material be used to paint the
suspension parts? I assume that it would be a good idea to paint the
suspension parts before installing new seals and bushings(?). Does anyone
have strong feelings about regular bushings vs. poly urethane?

Thanks for you input and for your comments and suggestions about wood
floor parts.

Bill Snyder
Waynesville, NC
'53 TD (in boxes)

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