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David Ambrose stargazer1 at cox.net
Wed Jan 11 10:55:08 MST 2017

On 1/11/2017 5:20 AM, Jack Wheeler via Mgs wrote:
> As I plan for my MGB engine rebuild, I have asked this group for 
> recommendations, and I have gotten some really helpful information.  
> Some of it has prompted additional questions.  I hope you do not feel 
> I am taking advantage of this really helpful service, but I do have a 
> couple of more questions, some of them follow-ups on earlier topics.
That's what we're here for. Well, that and discussing cats as wheel 
chocks, beer, what kind of oil to use, and maybe even the very 
occasional firearms discussion. :-)
> First, a number of people have talked about using higher compression 
> pistons.  Remember, my car has an 18GK engine, and the serial number 
> is 243217.  It was produced in 1971 and it appears that a lot of 
> changes were taking place at that time (US safety and emission 
> regulations?)  Can anyone tell me where I can find higher compression 
> pistons for this engine?  I'm thinking somewhere in the 10:1 range.
I used Hepolite pistons. I'm pretty sure they're still available. 
(update: APT has them. There are probably other sources.)
> It has been suggested that I look into SU 1 3/4" carburetors, instead 
> of the 1 1/2" carbs currently on the car.  Can anyone tell me where I 
> can find an intake manifold for this conversion?  The identifying 
> feature is that the 1 1/2" carbs attach to the manifold with 2 studs, 
> while the 1 3/4" carb used 4 studs for this attachment.
Bigger carbs will improve your high end power at the expense of low end 
driveability. If you're not racing or autocrossing, then it's probably 
not worth it. If you do decide to upgrade, look at the single 
carburetter conversions. A 4 cylinder engine only has one cylinder doing 
intake at any given time, so dual carbs look great, but they don't 
necessarily add that much performance.

That said, do make sure your carbs are in good condition. Worn throttle 
shafts will spoil everything and make them nearly impossible to adjust.

A less restrictive exhaust system will help your performance more than 
new carbs, especially if you have the air injection pump fitted and go 
to a performance camshaft. That will be my next performance upgrade.

> Has anyone used Cometic gaskets.  I have used them on my Triumphs, and 
> they are fantastic.  Does anyone know if they have a gasket available 
> for the MGB?
I haven't tried them, so I can't comment.
> Thanks for any help you can give me, and I welcome any additional 
> suggestions.
> Jack

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