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David Councill dcouncill at karamursel.org
Tue Jan 10 09:09:58 MST 2017

Has anyone installed leaf springs recently? I will explain the reason for
this question. I decided to replace the front suspension bushings on my 64B
this winter with polyurethane. Upon disassembly of the front end, I ended up
having to replace the A-arms (oval holes). When I cleaned the spring pans,
both showed small cracks so I replaced those as well and since I went that
far, I figure I better replace the springs as well. But now, the rear of the
car is about 1” lower than the front. Now I am pondering replacing the leaf
springs as well since I also plan on replacing those bushings as well.
However, it looks like I will need to cut the front bolts to remove them
since they are frozen in place so I have been slow to do this.


That brings me to my 72B. I replaced the leaf springs about 10 years ago. At
that time, there was an issue with the leaf springs over arcing such that
the rear was higher by a good 2” after I installed them. To fix this, I
replaced the front coil springs. Plus, in addition to the cost of the leaf
springs, I had to buy costly spacer blocks to lower the rear another 1 ½” or
thereabouts. There was never a settling of the leaf springs over time but
the car rides a fairly even 14.5” ride height (measured center of wheel to
chrome strip).


I notice also (today) that Moss has just started a new sale and I can get
new leaf springs for about $70 USD each. And thus the question – do current
Moss leaf springs still have this over-arcing issue such that I am going to
get too high of a lift again? It was a big issue a decade ago as I mentioned
but I don’t recall hearing of this issue the past several years.


David Councill

64 B

72 B

67 BGT

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