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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] trucks a/c
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Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 08:37:16 -0500

I'm no A/C guru but it's been my experience that the new freon does not get 
the colder  temperatures in the old systems.... even after changing out the 
orifices my Blazer never got Icebox cold like it used to...  I know there 
are additives you can add to the freon to help but don't know if it does 
much.   One thing that helped me was to switch over to recirculated air 
after the car cooled down... that way you're not trying to cool the very hot 
outside air...   680 is lukewarm... it ain't cool in a hot truck

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Subject: [Shop-talk] trucks a/c

>I have a 96 S10 with about 171k miles on the 4.6 litre Vortec V6 (a great 
>motor IMO). I haven't had to do much to it beyond basic repairs with the 
>exception of a/c work. Because I can't handle the heat, I had to basically 
>get the a/c system rebuilt/replaced a few years ago. After being taken to 
>the cleaners by the first shop, I have now had it looked at by a shop where 
>we know each other and I trust them. A couple days ago I was told the 
>system is charged, pressurized and not leaking. And it was cooling down to 
>68 degrees; not too bad a temp but when the truck was "younger", the a/c 
>used to get so cold as to almost be painful (I say almost as I love the 
>cold and where shorts year 'round here in southern WI).
> Here is my question: Is there anything that can be done to get the system 
> to be colder? Or am I SOL because of the newer freon being used? (The guy 
> at the shop basically said there was nothing else they can do and didn't 
> charge me for the check up; which is a nice thing.) I plan on cleaning out 
> around and in between the two radiators this weekend. Hopefully this will 
> help.
> TIA for any suggestions
> Tim
> Dairyland Datsuns
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