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Subject: [Shop-talk] trucks a/c
From: Tim <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 6:21:12 -0700
I have a 96 S10 with about 171k miles on the 4.6 litre Vortec V6 (a great motor 
IMO). I haven't had to do much to it beyond basic repairs with the exception of 
a/c work. Because I can't handle the heat, I had to basically get the a/c 
system rebuilt/replaced a few years ago. After being taken to the cleaners by 
the first shop, I have now had it looked at by a shop where we know each other 
and I trust them. A couple days ago I was told the system is charged, 
pressurized and not leaking. And it was cooling down to 68 degrees; not too bad 
a temp but when the truck was "younger", the a/c used to get so cold as to 
almost be painful (I say almost as I love the cold and where shorts year 'round 
here in southern WI).

Here is my question: Is there anything that can be done to get the system to be 
colder? Or am I SOL because of the newer freon being used? (The guy at the shop 
basically said there was nothing else they can do and didn't charge me for the 
check up; which is a nice thing.) I plan on cleaning out around and in between 
the two radiators this weekend. Hopefully this will help. 

TIA for any suggestions

Dairyland Datsuns
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