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Subject: Re: Water Softener
From: Shannah Miller <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:10:54 -0800
Gerald Brazil wrote:
> FWIW,,,,,,my first water softener was a Sears and it lasted about 15
> years. When parts started going it seemed like I was continually
> replacing parts. I bought another Sears and after 5 years it started the
> same pattern. I switched to a Water Boss and (knock on wood) it has been
> over 10 years without any problems. It even came with a video tape of
> how to install it and how to program it. Has a smaller footprint than
> some of the other models. 
Thank you very much, everyone who responded.

We took the advice of taking the part apart that
seemed to be broken.  That saved us a considerable
amount of money.  We were able to replace one
gear in that assembly, rather than the whole

Taking it apart and looking at the gear led us
to believe that the damage had been done during
a power outage.  When the power goes out here,
it almost never just goes out cleanly.  It goes
out, on, out, on, then out, more often than not.

Looked like the little gear had been thrashed.

So, we decided to get a UPS for it, and for the
sump pump that keeps it from flooding the
basement.  :)

I'll definitely buy a Water Boss if we have to
put any more parts into this thing.  For now,
though, it's working perfectly, and I am hoping
that the UPS will keep it from getting trashed
by a power outage again.

Oh, total cost for the parts was $100 and a few
cents, including postage.

Thank you again!!


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