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Re: Water Softener

Subject: Re: Water Softener
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 08:38:08 -0500
I was thinking about adding a water softener here as well. 

I have a natural spring that feeds my well.  The water is clean and pure, 
but it recently started to turn my SO's hair greenish.

I also know that there are different types of softeners for different 

Anyone got an unbiased web link or something for good info?



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If this is a FAQ, I apologize and request a pointer
to the FAQ.

Our water softener just went out today.  It's a
GE that's about 2 feet in diameter, and 4 feet

The timer motor went out several weeks ago, so
we replaced the timer motor.  The timer motor
has now gone out again.  We suspect that the
guts of the system have seized up somehow, and
have stripped out the timer motor.

I'm motivated to have soft water because we
have an acrylic bathtub.  The water here is
so hard that I literally could not keep the
tub clean before we got the softener.

So, what is your experience with water softeners?
Is "The Culligan Man" a good way to go?  Or is
having one's own softener better?  Is one brand
better than another?  What is the typical warranty?
Should I try to find my original paperwork?  Should
we replace the suspect parts (about $200) or is
it better to just buy a new softener (hubby says they
are running about $500)?

Salt is not an issue.  Buying salt is very easy
here, and we have a coal chute to get it into
the basement.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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