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RE: question about OBD II reader

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Subject: RE: question about OBD II reader
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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 13:06:05 -0500
Peter Schauss [] wrote:
> I got one from .  It uses software which
> runs on my laptop and comes with a cable which connects to the
> serial port.  As I recall, it cost about $140 or so.

I also have this scanner hardware/software.  I think it works quite
well.  It will read the codes, and display the text messages for all
generic codes (the ones all manufactures have to adhere to).  There 
are additional files with info for the manufacturer specific codes 
fro certain makes of vehicles.  If it doesn't have the manufacturer
specific info, it still provides the code number so that you can look
it up in the car's shop manual (which you need to trouble shoot the 
problems anyway).

I works fine for my '96 Ford Ranger, and in fact helped me to determine
the cause of my "evaporative emission purge valve malfunction" problem
I was having - easily paid for itself in saved diagnostic charges not 
to mention that I saved the labor by replacing the part myself instead
of paying the dealer to do the work...

The web site is also constantly adding updates and sometimes new 
manufacturer specific files, so it pays to check back periodically...

By the way, they provide a 25% discount for full time students, so
technically, my son (currently attending Virginia Tech) bought and
owns "our" scanner...

Tim Mullen

Chantilly, VA

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