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Re: hydraulic floor jack problem

Subject: Re: hydraulic floor jack problem
From: Brian Lyn Fatt <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:20:53 -0600
If it wont go to full height, the fluid is low. Yeah, there is
a seal and it's pretty easy to repair. The hard part is finding
the parts to repair it with. I hung on to my floor jack for
about two years, trying to find a new seal.  In the mean time,
I lugged one of the cheapie Harbor Freight ones around.
Then I saw that  Kmart had the small one 2.5 for $14.  I
finally gave in and threw out the bad jack. For 14 bucks,
the new one was the same size as the one I threw out.
Since it's Sears, you might want to check one of their service
centers and they might be able to help find the parts.


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From: "john niolon"

>       I've got a craftsman 2.5 ton floor jack... yesterday I noticed a
> leak/puddle under it... more later... and now it won't lift a load full
> height.. I'm thinking blown seal... can this be rebuilt ?? kits available
> easy for a rookie to do ???

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