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RE: Pouring a garage floor

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Subject: RE: Pouring a garage floor
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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:22:20 -0800
You will get floor cracks if you don't reinforce, so you'll want something in 
the concrete. But you can just get the 6" square reinforcing mesh if you don't 
intend to drive on it. 

Since the floor heater is out, you might want to insulate the outer 2' of the 
edge around the wall. It would require digging another 2-3" deep around the 
perimeter to fit the 8'x2'x2" Styrofoam board*. 

No suggestions about the floor drain, though I think you'll want it to do more 
than seep into the ground under your shop.


* This is my second Styrofoam insulation suggestion today. Honest, I'm not 
obsessed, nor financially involved :)

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The shop is an L shape, 328 sq. ft.  I have cleared the dirt down 4" from the 
top of the cinder block foundation.  (No.  I am not installing floor heat 
pipes, despite the fact that I think it's a good idea.  It's just not in the 
budget, nor is on-going fuel expense.)

My question is about a floor drain.  I would like to have one.  Can I dig a 
hole, and make a French drain for it?  Install a 4" plastic pipe down there?  
How deep?  I have no experience with pouring a concrete floor!  (Yes, I know 
a French drain is probably not code. But this is a hypothetical question, 
regarding historical accuracy.  How's that?)  About how much lower should the 
top of the drain pipe be than the edge of the floor (the long wall is 18 
feet) to promote drainage?  How do you keep concrete from filling the drain 
pipe when they are floating it?

Also, I am just getting plain concrete, not fiberglass reinforced.  Is a grid 
of chicken wire good for strength, or is it not required for this small 


Allen Hefner

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