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RE: question about OBD II reader

To: "Eric J Russell" <>,
Subject: RE: question about OBD II reader
From: "Peter Schauss" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 22:56:14 -0500
I got one from .  It uses software which
runs on my laptop and comes with a cable which connects to the
serial port.  As I recall, it cost about $140 or so.

For my wife's Volvo, there are additional codes or subcodes
which this software does not read.  The first time I used it
to find out why the check-engine light was on, all it could
tell me was that there was a mixture problem.  The machine at
the dealer said that it was the mass air flow sensor.  The information
my reader gave me certainly was not sufficient for me to have
diagnosed and repaired the problem myself.

On the other hand, I recently used it to reset the check-engine light
after the guy at the gas station forgot to tighten the gas cap.
That saved a couple of $ plus the agrevation of taking the car to
the dealer.

I suppose, on balance, if we keep the car long enough we will save
enough to justify the cost.  If nothing else, it seems to be able to
tell me enough so that I know whether I have to rush immediately to
the dealer, or whether I can wait until the next oil change is due.
Of course for those rare ocassions when someone forgets to tighten the
gas cap ...

Peter Schauss
Long Island, NY
1980 MGB
1963 BJ7

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Subject: question about OBD II reader

My brother asked me about an OBD reader. I have no experience to
report. I am wondering if anyone on this list can help.


BTW, he has an interesting web site, mostly about restoring an old
Jeep. If you'd like a good laugh look here: (don't miss
'Marriage & Jeeps')

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