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Re: question about OBD II reader

Subject: Re: question about OBD II reader
From: Brian Lyn Fatt <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:40:56 -0600
I'm using V1.11 of the Autotap for all cars. It does the
domestic cars better than the imports. It does not connect
all to the Audi. The truck it does well, the Mazda I have to
manually connect and enter the VIN. All of the GM cars in
the family work ok.  I'd assume for the Lincoln, it would work
ok also. Got it for $400 in a group purchase. I'm trying to
decide if I want to upgrade the hardware to V2 or spend the
money for one of the expensive ones. This one works, but 
I bought it thinking it would work for *all* cars.  :-(


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From: "Eric J Russell" 
> My brother asked me about an OBD reader. I have no experience to
> report. I am wondering if anyone on this list can help.

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