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Re: three phase?

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Subject: Re: three phase?
From: "Neil Sherry" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 16:03:52 +0100
Cheers Dave,

Having read most of the stuff, I headed for my garage where I have a
three-phase bench grinder which I currently can't use. So I wired across two
of the legs, attaching the neutral to one and the live to the other (I'm in
the UK so we have a nominal 240VAC single phase supply). I used my drill to
get the grinder up to speed (both conveniently around 2800 rpm) and then
flicked the switch on the grinder. It runs, a bit down on power (but enough
to sharpen smallish drills). I checked the voltages. I'm inputting
(according to my meter) 245V. One phase coming out is 208V, the other is
172V. I haven't yet checked these with a scope.

So this seems a good possibility for the time when I stumble across a lathe,
whereupon I will start looking for a suitable redundant motor to act as a
spinner. In the meantime, I can use my grinder for light jobs (beats
resharpening drills on an angle grinder!)

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Subject: three phase?

> -> but...who wants to aquaint me with the finer points of the theory of
> -> three phase electrical setups (what is that, 3 x 120v or summat?
>  I have a largish file on what three phase is and how to make your own;
> it's on my web site, URL below.
>  My homebuilt three phase convertor works a-verra-nahss.
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