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Subject: Re: AIR DRIERS 101
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 09:00:45 -0400
At 02:54 PM 10/13/00 -0500, wrote:
>Ok guys.... you've indirectly convinced me that my little wallmounted drier
>ain't what I really need
>anyone got any plans/ instructions on how to build something that will work
>correctly and not cost a fortune ???


Here is an excerpt of an article on Painting and Body Work from my
Morgan web page.

   "I found that connecting the dryer directly to the compressor didn't 
    pull much moisture out of the air.  It was too close to the compressor 
    and there just wasn't enough time for the moisture to condense.  I had 
    planed on building the radiator, using some 1/2" copper tubing used for 
    plumbing.  I had been saving the cat food cans to use as fins by
    them to the tubing to help vent the heat.  The radiator will be U shaped 
    and suspended from the garage ceiling.  A nice addition to the radiator 
    is to run several taps for the air around the shop.  This can be with 
    copper tubing.  DO NOT USE PVC!!!  (There are a lot of horror 
    stories about air systems plumbed with PVC exploding.) Simply tap into 
    the radiator and run the tubing to various work areas.

    Instead of building this fancy radiator, I ended up taking a piece of 
    soft copper tubing and wrapping it around a plastic 2 liter Coke bottle.  
    I connect this to my compressor with a short length of air hose and 
    compression fittings.  I also connect it to my dryer the same way.  I 
    keep this coil in a bucket.  So on very humid days, I can fill the bucket 
    with water to help cool the air and draw the moisture out.  

    After you get the moisture out of the air, you might want to heat the air 
    before it goes to the air line.  To do this, again use some soft copper 
    tubing and wrap it around the cooling fins of the compressor.  This way 
    the heat generated by the compressor can be used to reheat the air."

Hope this helps


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