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Re: three phase?

To: "Gerald J. Brazil" <>
Subject: Re: three phase?
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 22:01:54 -0700
If that truly is the case you can buy a 1 1/2 HP single phase motor for less
than the $200.  And you'd end up with a new motor to boot.

Mark Miller

"Gerald J. Brazil" wrote:

> Is the three phase just driving the motor that runs the welding equipment or
> is it used in the actual arc? I suspect it is to just run the motor. If that
> truly is the case, the simplest (and probably the cheapest) solution is to
> buy Variable Frequency Drive that converts single phase 220 to three phase
> 220.  I  bought one for a 1.5 hp motor that cost me less than $200. While on
> the welder you would probably not be interested in anything but max speed,
> if you use one on a lathe or a mill it has the added benefit of being able
> to vary the speed from about 10 percent of rated speed to 150 percent of
> rated speed, without loss of torque. You might want to check out "Dealers
> Electric Motor" web site.

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