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RE: three phase?

To: "'Scott Hall'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: three phase?
From: "Gerald J. Brazil" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 09:25:23 -0400
Is the three phase just driving the motor that runs the welding equipment or
is it used in the actual arc? I suspect it is to just run the motor. If that
truly is the case, the simplest (and probably the cheapest) solution is to
buy Variable Frequency Drive that converts single phase 220 to three phase
220.  I  bought one for a 1.5 hp motor that cost me less than $200. While on
the welder you would probably not be interested in anything but max speed,
if you use one on a lathe or a mill it has the added benefit of being able
to vary the speed from about 10 percent of rated speed to 150 percent of
rated speed, without loss of torque. You might want to check out "Dealers
Electric Motor" web site.

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