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three phase?

Subject: three phase?
From: Scott Hall <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 01:19:36 -0400 (EDT)
so I'm sitting here admiring the first welder's suntan of my life, and I
got to wondering: why?  I've welded stuff that took a long period of time
to weld, and I never got pink before.  my theory is the 100% duty cycle on
the shop's welder, which had me laying a bead continuously for a good long
time, whereas before I got a long break between beads.

this spurred me to lust for a three phase like we have at work, and wonder
how I could get one, too (that, and I just saw two *sweet* three phase
welders on ebay for cheap).  now, I know it's expensive and not a
do-it-yourselfer kinda thing, unless you're an electrician, etc., etc.,
yada, yada, ad nauseum.  

but...who wants to aquaint me with the finer points of the theory of three
phase electrical setups (what is that, 3 x 120v or summat?  or is that
just 360v, if there is such a thing...)  I used to be on list with a guy
that worked for the t.v.a., but I've long since forgotten what he had to
say about the subject.  and after theory, how do I get it in my house?  I
live in a pretty rural area and can probably get away with running the
wire right up to the service pole, or laying it on the ground next to it,
so all the power company has to do is connect and charge me.  that simple,
or are they going to have to run some new, special service to the house
from a generator station and freak the neighbors everytime I strike an

I'm at least somewhat hopeful--the head welder at work said an electrician
came in and ran a few wires from a box and put in a ($500!!) 30A fuse and
was on his way.  doesn't sound too bad ('cept fer that fuse, geez)...

thanks for the insight.

if you hear "bzzzzzt--aiiiiiieeeeee", it's me.

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