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Re: FAQ: Wiring a shop

Subject: Re: FAQ: Wiring a shop
From: Erik Quackenbush <>
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 16:57:45 -0500

Everything in my garage goes through a double gang (220v) GFCI breaker 
mounted in its own subpanel near my workbench.  If you're running any 220v 
equipment (mig welder, air compressor, plasma cutter) I'm not sure using 
separate 110v GFCIs on each leg is sufficient protection. It is comforting 
and convenient to be able to shut down everything except one set of lights 
with a single breaker flip.

At 01:18 PM 10/9/2000 -0700, Chris Kantarjiev wrote:

>I did something very similar. The only thing you haven't mentioned
>is GFCI outlets - I had the same goal of having every box be easily
>switchable from 110 to 220, but ultimately made up several strings
>of GFCI-protected 110 outlets. If I change my mind, I can go
>back and install more individual GFCIs and still make up a couple
>of 220V outlets ... right now, my 220 stuff is on separate circuits,
>My outlets are mostly about 50" above the ground (so I can store
>a sheet of plywood below), with some low to the ground where I know
>I want things like a fridge or vacuum plugged in. Maximum spacing is 6'.
>Figure out where your fixed bench is going to be and put extra
>outlets there. Plan for a nest of battery chargers, too.

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