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FAQ: Wiring a shop

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Subject: FAQ: Wiring a shop
From: Lee Hart <LeeHart@LeeHart.Com>
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 07:25:42 -0000
I didn't see anything related to this in the FAQs, and I don't see a way to
get to the archives.

I recently bought a house with a nice shop/garage (36x33 inside, ~16' high).
It isn't yet insulated, and what little wiring there is mostly needs to be
replaced. Basically it's a nice blank slate. It has its own 200 amp service,
so power shouldn't be a concern.

My current thinking is to run outlets every 4-6 feet, one above counter
height, one below counter height. Both would have 4 jacks (2 circuits) so
that should the need arise, it'd be straightforward to switch it from 2x110
circuits to 1x220 circuit. Then I'd insulate and cover it with well painted
pegboard (painted to keep the pegboard dust down, as well as to eventually
paint outlines for the tools for poseur value). Inside the walls I'd also
run a few (one or 2 per wall) heavy gauge 240 circuits for welders or other
high power devices. To many locations I'd run CAT5-E and RG6 quad shield to
some locations (for future network and/or TV uses). Outside the wall I'd run
cast iron pipe for air lines and a large (6" or so) PVC pipe for a central
dust collector.

Is  there anything else I should plan on running in the wall? Does anyone
here have any strong opinions on how far to space the outlets? How about the
number of outlets I should run for each circuit?

A blank slate is such a rare thing when wiring a shop. I'd really like to
hear stories about things people wished they'd done inside the walls. I'd
rather run too much than too little, so there'd be little or no need to rip
open the walls again.



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