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Re: FAQ: Wiring a shop

To: LeeHart@LeeHart.Com
Subject: Re: FAQ: Wiring a shop
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 10:15:57 -0500

When I did my wifes Hobby shop I ran the power in conduit outside the
sheet rock ( 42" above the floor around all four walls). This was more
necessity than design as the walls were already closed up. Well not only
did she like the " Industrial " look, she loves the fact that it only
takes a  few minutes to move or add an outlets.
If I were doing my shop again that's the way I would go, outside the wall
I did my shop two years ago with in the wall wiring and  I'm already
having to run extension cords, plus I  have several  outlets that ended
up in the wrong location.


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