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FAQ: Wiring a shop

Subject: FAQ: Wiring a shop
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 07:09:00 -0500

-> here have any strong opinions on how far to space the outlets?

 I ran mine every 4 feet.  I should have used 2 feet.

 My Dad did his at 3 feet.  He says he should have used 2 feet.

 It seems like all the stuff that needs to be plugged in clusters in one

 If your shop is subject to local building codes, you're limited to how
many outlets you're allowed per breaker.

-> rather run too much than too little

 I ran eight pair of CAT-5 cable while I was at it, for Ethernet, fire
alarm, thermostat, telephone, intercom, etc.  Never have done anything
with them yet, but they're there.

-> My current thinking is to run outlets every 4-6 feet, one above
-> counter height, one below counter height. Both would have 4 jacks

 Mine are at 4 feet, it seems to work fine.  Don't even bother to put
any lower than that; "stuff" will eventually block them.  <grin>

 Put in LOTS of lights.  Switch them independently or in banks, not all
at once.  Modern flourescent fixtures seem to be grossly unreliable;
mine are wired in.  When I rip the latest pieces of junk down I'll put
outlet boxes and just plug them into the switched outlets.

 The white "security light" fixtures put out more light and take less
electricity than the flourescents, but they take a long time to warm up.
You need at least a few flourescents or conventional incandescents for
when you just walk out to the shop to get something.

 Don't forget provision for extra lighting at work areas.

 I made all my lights switchable at the door, so I wouldn't have to
run all over the shop turning them off, like my Dad does.  He says he
doesn't have to run to the door to turn them on when he needs them...
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